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A Camp Story …

Once upon a time, Mr Pingoo had an idea …
He wanted to travel around the world to find the biggest forest of his life.
The cow looked at him and said : «How can you talk about trees without ever having seen one ?»
The strawberry laughed.
Mr Pingoo waited the sunrise to start his long trip.
On his road he crossed the look of a cyclops. He seemed to be hungry…
He saw the clouds fell asleep.
And forgot themselves…
His campfire was wet, as himself.
Even though, he fell asleep.
A frog standing on the back of a turtle said : «WAKE UP !»
He woke up, and saw…
… That everything was a dream. I-ma-gi-na-tion…

A story inspired by real events, written by Mr Trunk Moustaki1.

Thank's to Emoji Kitchen for helping me to illustrate this wonderful story.

  1. Spongebob of course.↩︎

  2. Mr Trunk Moustaki.↩︎

    A story inspired by real events by Mr Trunk Moustaki.